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Pathways and entrances

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression: pathways and entrances


External appearances are becoming increasingly important for building owners and tenants. Visitors can gain a positive initial impression of the building before going inside, while working in an office building with an attractive appearance helps employees identify with a company. The design and aesthetics of components must not fall by the wayside when meeting stringent requirements for energy efficiency and product quality. A harmonious concept that emphasises aesthetics, quality and efficiency in equal measure is the key to the perfect entrance.


Demand-driven scene control

Not all façades are appealing to the eye of the beholder. Often, they lack a special touch — that certain aesthetic something. The perfect task for ALVA up-/downlights: With their tapered light cast upwards and downwards, these lights create an eye-catching light effect on all outdoor walls, while the two lights that are integrated into the housing finish off the overall appearance. The bollard lights from the ALVA series offer an intelligent solution for any path. If the bollard lights are additionally equipped with motion detectors, they are able to automatically control not only themselves, but also entire lighting groups via DALI. The networked lights switch on and off simultaneously in response to motion. The integrated twilight switch function enables daylight-dependent control of the ALVA bollard lights. This ensures that the entrance always shines in its best light.

Pathways and entrances


  • Timeless, elegant design
  • Demand-driven light control through integrated sensors and networking
  • Orientation light and twilight switch function for optimal light at any time
  • Durability through weather resistance

Planning example

Room size

8 x ALVA BL 940/170 OP 360° 800 830 MD IR DALI AN
12 x ALVA BL 940/170 OP 180° 500 830 DALI AN
15 x ALVA UDL TR 13° 900 830 AN

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Applied products


light quality

Benefit from the advantages of the best light quality: on any working day, in any workplace, for any visual task.



Take advantage of the potential for lower investments, shorter payback times and permanently reduced operating costs.


in the office

Benefit from the savings potential of a demand-driven automation system of light and ventilation in the office.