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Intelligent automation and lighting solutions for offices

No matter what work is being done for any project, at any level or in any space: The prerequisites for long-term success in the office are clever strategies, efficient use of resources and convincing performance – just like the innovative automation and lighting solutions from ESYLUX. They increase quality of life in the workplace, use energy depending on demand where it is required and impress with durable performance. They make everything easy because they adapt to all requirements, are always easy to install and make ground-breaking technology as simple as possible for our customers and partners.

Image: Energy-saving potential of demand-driven building automation (min./max.); Source: Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektroindustrie e.V. (ZVEI)/ Biberach University of Applied Sciences

Increasing efficiency in the office at every level

Energy only when you truly need it – the principle of demand-driven building automation is as easy as it sounds. Our intelligent sensor technology is a leader in its field. It not only ensures a high level of convenient automation and increased quality of life in the workplace, it also achieves a highly efficient operation of the devices its controls. For one, the result is increased sustainable development and protection of natural resources. Furthermore, the gradual shift to modern technology is worthwhile for building operators and investors. Since an energy-efficient, demand-driven operation means a significant reduction of energy costs with fast payback – not just for new builds.

Efficiency and well-being in harmony: symbilogic technology from ESYLUX

The best task light for people is biologically effective light that resembles daylight. It supports well-being and concentration and stabilises the day-night rhythm for a better, relaxing sleep that strengthens you for the challenges of the next day. Thanks to SymbiLogic technology and the use of intelligent sensors, our implementation of this form of lighting is not only effective, but also very energy efficient!


First-class light quality for highest visual comfort

The most important basis for any lighting solution is the quality of the light itself. It determines whether the user in the workplace can efficiently tackle their visual task and complete their work in the best possible way. Perfect light ambience is crucial for customer visits or in break rooms. Natural daylight is the best benchmark. Whether it’s colour rendering, flicker factor or colour consistency – in the ESYLUX light laboratory in our German site, we thoroughly test the quality of all our luminaires.

Promoting optimal indoor climate with energy-efficient control

The quality of the indoor climate plays an important role in the office when it comes to the well-being and performance of employees. Not only does poor air affect health, it also affects performance. ESYLUX provides intelligent solutions that automatically ensure fresh air and optimal ambient temperature – and at the same time, ensure energy-efficient operation. The prime example of this is the multi-sensor technology of the ATMO presence detector.


Tailored control – from digital to manual

Automation offers countless benefits. However, at ESYLUX, it is never about what must be done, but what can be done: ESYLUX solutions can be easily controlled and configured manually and adapted to the individual requirements on site. For example, the light systems of the CELINE and NOVA Quadro sets can be operated in the appropriate model by the ESY-App – and there is always an option to use a simple 230-V button. It is even possible to use the button to obtain individual scenes.

Orientation and safety round the clock

It is important to convey a feeling of safety to people in the workplace, not just in the event of emergency but in other situations too. The innovative light management system from ESYLUX therefore enables solutions that automatically activate an orientation light in corridors or rooms that are not fully occupied, which provide a pleasant minimum level of illumination – and over a network if required. If you should need it, we also provide optimal lighting for escape routes and escape sign luminaires.