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To experience the demo in full, please use your desktop PC.
A mobile version is currently not available.

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As with its automation and lighting solutions, ESYLUX uses the principle of intelligent synergy for the ESY-Pen and ESY-App: they allow easy configuration, remote control, mobile project management and documentation for all ESYLUX remote-controlled products and solutions!

In just a few steps:

  • Start
  • Configuration
  • Cloning
  • Mobile project management and documentation

Step 1 Start

Configuration and project management are carried out in the ESY app. First, connect the ESY-Pen to the ESY-App via Bluetooth. The ESY-Pen can now act as a bridge to transfer the parameters to the products.

Connect the ESY-Pen with the ESY-App.


Step 1 Start

Simply switch on the ESY-Pen and activate Bluetooth in your smartphone or tablet.

When the ESY-Pen appears in the device overview, connect it using the device PIN. Ready!

Select the ESY-Pen in the Bluetooth device overview.

Step 1 Start

The initial interface of the ESY-App offers you the possibility to configure individual products directly.

However, it is more advantageous to create a project: All device settings are then automatically saved in the ESY-App and can be retrieved later.

This makes it easy to clone products, document and share documentation!

Select „Create and manage projects“ to parameterise and document.

Step 1 Start

In the project area you can import existing projects or create a new project.

In addition to its name, each project can be individualised by a short description - for example with keywords or a date!

Select „New project“.

Step 1 Start

No project is too big for the ESY-App: it can accommodate up to 64 floors, each with up to 64 rooms.

You can assign up to 64 products to each room and then configure them individually.

Select „Configure“.


To help you with questions about installation and product details, helpful documents are available for download with each product. For example, brief instructions or installation videos.

Select „Configure“.


In addition to a user interface for the end user, the product area contains all parameters for professional configuration.

Select a parameter and adjust the factory setting individually.


As soon as you confirm a changed setting with OK, the ESY-Pen sends the new parameter to the installed device.

Alternatively, you can collect several parameter settings and transmit them together to the device or others of the same type. This saves time!

Select „OK“.


Once you have set all the necessary parameters of the device, simply return to the project overview to configure additional devices or add new floors and rooms.

Return to the project overview via the back arrow in the top left corner.

Step 3 Cloning

If you install the same product multiple times in a building, you can easily clone products from similar rooms.

To do this, you either use the batch processing and send its parameters directly to the respective products.

Alternatively, as here, you can copy an already configured device.

Click on the plus sign „+“.

Step 3 Cloning

Instead of adding a new device and completely reconfiguring it, you simply copy a device from another room with identical requirements.

In this way, finished product configurations can be transferred to any number of products of the same type, saving time.

Select „Copy device“.

Step 3 Cloning

Select floor, room and the device you want to clone.

A full copy of this device is then added to the current room.

Confirm with „OK“.

Step 3 Cloning

The ESY-App automatically names your new device as a copy of the cloned configuration. Of course, you can change the name as needed.

Return to the project overview via OK.

Step 4 Mobile project management and documentation

If you want to document your project and share it with other project participants, you can do this in just two steps.

Now open the project options via the arrow ">".

Step 4 Mobile project management and documentation

...and simply select the desired function from the menu that now appears.

When sharing, the project file is forwarded.

If you choose a PDF document instead, it will show you the entire project configuration at a glance!

Select PDF.

Step 4 Mobile project management and documentation

Finally, you can print or send the PDF document as usual.


Download the ESY-App free of charge now!

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