Quadro-Sets are esy, because they ensure the best light in the workplace

unique lighting systems

The Quadro sets from the NOVA and CELINE series provide the integrated solution for your energy-efficient office – and greater quality of life in the workplace thanks to the SymbiLogic technology from ESYLUX.


Intelligently controlled

With our demand-driven light management concept, we exploit the full potential of modern lighting with the light systems of the Quadro sets and provide the best light for people.


  • Automated lighting solution with no programming required
  • A single set is optimised for offices up to 20 m2
  • Scalable for all room dimensions
  • Ready-to-install integrated solution
  • Ideal replacement for conventional panel lights
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • For room-by-room modernisation during continuous operation

Developed with experience

As an automation specialist, ESYLUX builds on many years of development experience and relevant expertise – not least in the area of sensors. The light systems of the Quadro sets are impressive example of this.


The system solution for intelligent office lighting

The light systems of the NOVA and CELINE Quadro sets with integrated SymbiLogic technology not only meet every standard, they go beyond the minimum requirements. They ensure that people receive the best light in the workplace: with biological effect, the highest energy efficiency and a convenient, individual control system.


CELINE Quadro set the modular system

The CELINE Quadro set includes four full-surface system lights, a separate ESYLUX SmartDriver, a separate presence detector and cabling.


NOVA Quadro set with integrated intelligence

The NOVA Quadro set contains four ceiling lights with integrated sensors and built-in ESYLUX SmartDriver – including cabling.



Optimised as a set for offices up to 20 m2
The Quadro sets are a light system for intelligent workplace illumination with SymbiLogic – and yet they have a cost/benefit ratio far ahead of the competition! They are all based on a combination of a controller unit (ESYLUX SMARTDRIVER), presence and light sensors as well as four LED panel lights for modular suspended ceiling systems – one of the most common ceiling types in offices, educational institutions and medical facilities.

Complete system for rapid modernisation – installed via plug and play
The ESYLUX SMARTDRIVER contains the power supply for all system lights, which is why they can be connected to it simply through plug-and-play – a significant time saving! Not only are all the necessary cables included in the delivery, with the Quadro sets, customers receive the complete solution with just one item number, which makes it possible to modernise office spaces in the easiest possible way. However, to satisfy various requirements optimally in practice, all components in the sets are also available individually.

The Quadro sets are each available in two versions:

  1. With daylight-dependent constant lighting control:         
    available in the light colours 3000 K or 4000 K
  2. With SymbiLogic for biologically effective light:         
    The solution with the ESYLUX technology for energy-efficient human-centric lighting          
    (light colour tuneable white: 2700–6500 K)


The Quadro sets can be fully scaled. Up to 20 sets can be combined or one set can be expanded with up to 4 x 25 DALI-capable standard lights from the ESYLUX range. It is also possible to use a combination of the two extension options, and this is often advisable. Customers who choose a Bluetooth or KNX control system for use in larger rooms only need a correspondingly equipped set to control or configure the entire system.

With its four luminaires, sensor and control unit, the light systems of the CELINE and NOVA Quadro sets are ready for compact networking. However, they realise their full potential when it comes to modernising larger rooms. They can then be intelligently connected to each other and enhanced by additional lighting. The DALI switch also allows simple integration of conventional end devices – such as ventilation.

A Master lights of the four Quadro sets, connected together via DALI
B Supplementary DALI standard light
C Downlights for additional ambient lighting, integrated by DALI switch
D Ventilation integrated via DALI switch for switching on/off dependent on presence


  • Up to 60% time savings during installation thanks to efficient plug and play
  • The solution, including energy-efficient SymbiLogic technology, costs approx. 50 €/m2 of office space on average, excluding installation

Biologically effective light for the best light in the workplace

An optimal indoor lighting system is based on the dynamic progression of natural daylight, on the interaction between the sun and the sky. Brightness and light colour change over the course of the day, and the illuminance always considerably exceeds the standard required minimum. This additional light quality has far-reaching consequences: It increases vitality and the ability to concentrate, while also helping people to make fewer mistakes. It simply makes people feel better and more productive.


Employee loyalty

Workplace accidents

The ESYLUX technology for energy-efficient, human-centric lighting

The SymbiLogic technology we have developed allows for a perfect combination of the best light for people with the advantages of an intelligent control system. It generates biologically effective light with a progression that has been optimised specifically for use in office spaces. In the morning, a dynamic increase of brightness and the proportion of blue light bring about a refreshing activation. At midday, both values are lowered again slightly, simply to provide a subsequent gain in momentum and specifically to counteract the typical afternoon energy slump. In this way, SymbiLogic also helps people master difficult phases and promotes their wellbeing over the entire course of the day.

Light cycle activates at the right time
In interaction with presence and light sensor technology, the intelligent SymbiLogic light management also ensures the greatest possible energy efficiency: It switches the lighting on or off depending on human presence and daylight, achieving the highest level of innovation in its biodynamic brightness levels with its use of daylight. Because, unlike traditional constant lighting control, the adaptive constant light control is based on a target value that is constantly changing. This allows SymbiLogic to transfer a proven technological principle to the most modern form of indoor lighting.

An ideal symbiosis between human and nature
The result is an ideal symbiosis. From nature, people have learned what light is best for them, while nature benefits from the implementation of a resource-efficient, sustainable lighting solution. Thus our SymbiLogic technology promotes a more balanced relationship between people and nature and continuously supplies the user with the most suitable light for them inside the building.

Integration of an intelligent HVAC control system

The light systems in the Quadro sets can control more than just themselves. With the DALI switch from ESYLUX, a recessed-mounted module can be integrated into the system which can also switch conventional consumers on/off based on presence detection. This means that it is also possible, for example, to switch air-conditioning and ventilation systems on and off in an energy-efficient manner.


Convenient to operate and configure If necessary, via app or KNX

Multiple options are available for the operation and configuration of the Quadro set lighting systems by the operator: In the basic version, manual switching, an override for brightness and light colour and the deselection of individual scenes are possible with a simple 230-V button. Installed buttons that have already been installed can therefore be used seamlessly, but DALI buttons can also be used as an alternative. The ESYLUX universal remote control is always available for controlling and configuring the system. It allows for the configuration of scenes and numerous additional parameters. It can also be used to control specific lights and light channels individually.

Bluetooth-App for Android and iOS
Additionally, ESYLUX has developed designs that can also be controlled with the ESY-App via Bluetooth. The basic configuration can then also be carried out and individual lights/channels can be controlled via the app. This allows the user convenient and easy operation directly via smartphone or tablet.

With optional integrated KNX module
Alternatively we offer Quadro sets in which the ESYLUX SMARTDRIVER has a built-in KNX module. These variants can be seamlessly integrated into a KNX building automation system without a separate gateway having to be installed. The controller can then be addressed directly and the whole system can be conveniently controlled and read out from a central point. This is the world's first KNX-compatible lighting!

The right shape for every taste

Ceiling systems often have different grid sizes, and the preferences of the building users are not always aligned. This makes it all the more important that ESYLUX provides its Quadro sets in additional variants. With the CELINE linear luminaires, we offer another design variant that offers additional flexibility at the design stage.


Motivation shines far and wide

With its solutions for demand-based energy and data transfer, VAHLE has developed into a global market leader. The offices in our company headquarters are also built on state-of-the-art technology: The light system of the NOVA Quadro set from ESYLUX provides biologically effective light – which is highly energy-efficient thanks to SymbiLogic!


Advantages at a glance

  • Lights are connected via RJ45 cable
  • Automated lighting solution with no programming required
  • Available for all standard installation dimensions
  • Integrated DALI interfaces
  • CELINE: full-surface diffusors     
    NOVA: two-part diffusors
  • Optional built-in KNX module for seamless integration into KNX building automation
  • Optional built-in Bluetooth module for operating mobile end devices
  • Accessory for recessed ceiling installation/mounting