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Motion detectors RC

The RC outdoor motion detectors are suitable for all common applications on building façades and projections due to the wide range of setting and installation options. A special bracket also enables trouble-free wall or ceiling mounting on inner and outer corners. 360° creep protection ensures unbroken coverage — and therefore maximum safety.

  • Movement and daylight dependent switching of outdoor lighting
  • Easy wall or ceiling mounting thanks to universal one-handed plug-in base with large wiring area and pivot joint
  • Special bracket for mounting on inner and outer corners available as an accessory
  • Immediately ready for use due to pre-installed factory settings
  • High level of safety due to 360° creep protection
  • Convenient modification of settings and functions using an infrared remote control (e.g. permanent switch on/off of lighting or automatic input of the current light value)
  • Simple through-wiring thanks to the double cable entry with elastic sealing membrane
  • Retractable setting elements prevent unintentional parameter adjustment
  • Wide range of options for adapting the detection range to the conditions at the property