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Presence and motion detectors

Delivery time from stock: approx. 72 hours
Delivery time from stock: on demand
Product status: New product
Detector type: Motion detectors
Detector type: Presence detectors
Control system: ON/OFF
Control system: 1 – 10 V
Control system: 12 – 36 V UC
Control system: DALI
Control system: DALI-2
Control system: KNX
Protection type: IP20
Protection type: IP40
Protection type: IP40 with accessories
Protection type: IP54
Protection type: IP54 with accessories
Protection type: IP55
Protection type: IP65
Installation position: Ceiling
Installation position: Wall
Function: Switching
Function: Regulate
Function: Send values
Zero-cross switching: No
Zero-cross switching: Yes
Sensing range: 180°
Sensing range: 360°
Remote controllable: Yes
Remote controllable: No
Type of connection: Open end
Type of connection: Plug
Type of connection: Push terminal
Type of connection: Screwed terminal
Type of connection: Socket

ATMOPresence and motion detectors

3 Products

COMPACTPresence and motion detectors

88 Products

COMPACT MINIPresence and motion detectors

17 Products

COMPACT EXPRESSPresence and motion detectors

13 Products

FLATPresence and motion detectors

37 Products

FLAT MINIPresence and motion detectors

1 Products

STANDARDPresence and motion detectors

1 Products

BASICPresence and motion detectors

32 Products

BASIC EXPRESSPresence and motion detectors

4 Products