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Controls | SMARTDRIVER-2 Room-by-room control for the best task light

  • ELC lights and ELC sensor systems are quick to connect via plug-and-play
  • Lights can be grouped, scaled and networked via plug-and-play
  • Immediate commissioning without programming

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Delivery time from stock: approx. 72 hours
Product status: New product
Protection type: IP20
Installation type: Installation
Installation position: Ceiling
Zero-cross switching: No
Colour: white
Remote controllable: Yes
Type of connection: Push terminal
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Controls / ELC

5 Products
5 Products

The SMARTDRIVER-2 is an integrated control unit for system lights with ESYLUX Light Control (ELC) that enables easy room-by-room modernisation using plug-and-play, without any programming effort. The system lights combine ELC control units, ELC sensor systems, ELC ceiling lights and cabling to implement presence- and daylight-dependent lighting. These system lights also meet the highest standards for energy-efficient human centric lighting with SymbiLogic technology. Lights manufactured by third parties can also be integrated into and controlled by the system.

  • ELC control unit with compact, easy-to-install housing for room-by-room modernisation via plug-and-play
  • Variants for energy-efficient human centric lighting (SymbiLogic) and presence- and daylight- dependent constant light control
  • Variable current output and adapter for integrating and controlling any other types of light
  • Quick and easy scaling to different room sizes
  • Simple grouping via plug connection
  • Intuitive ESYLUX multifunction button (accessory)
  • Two inputs for conventional 230-V buttons
  • Two DALI control outputs for additional DALI lights (includes DT8)
  • Presence-dependent HVAC switching via a DALI actuator (accessory)