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New OLIVIA-2 series of
LED moisture-proof lights

Efficient, robust,
intelligently controlled. ESY!

Moisture-proof lights with a modern design

Whether it's corridors, storage areas, parking garages or cellars: The LED moisture-proof lights from the OLIVIA-2 series provide the best protected lighting with high energy-saving potential.

An optionally integrated high-frequency motion detector and the excellent luminous efficacy provide optimal energy efficiency, while clever details such as the integrated through-wiring make installation simpler.

The key benefits

  • Housing designed for LEDs with integrated DALI-2 or ON/OFF drivers

  • Optionally integrated high-frequency motion detector for energy-efficient light control

  • Excellent luminous efficacy of up to 162 lm/W

  • Integrated 5 x 2.5 mm² through-wiring

  • Particularly robust with IP66 and IK08 protection

Even more efficient with sensor technology

Energy efficiency not only saves money, but also helps to reduce global CO2 emissions. The intelligent light control, the integrated high-frequency sensor technology and the excellent light transmission of the diffuser in the OLIVIA-2 series provide the optimal prerequisites for this purpose.

Versatile use

The series offers luminaires for DALI-2 or ON/OFF with lengths of 1200 or 1500 mm in these versions:

  • Standard version with through-wiring
  • Version with high-frequency motion detector (detection range: Ø 9 m)
  • Version with integrated emergency lighting function
  • Standard version without through-wiring (ON/OFF only)

Intelligent control of lighting in parking garages – DALI-2

Lighting in parking garages and underground car parks increases safety and is in continuous operation all day long. Intelligent light control with DALI-2 reduces costs, for example by means of an ESYLUX APC presence detector with integrated application controller.

Many other applications also benefit from presence- and daylight-dependent constant light control or demand-driven orientation light – the in-house laundries of retirement homes, for example.

Example solution for
parking garages

  • An APC presence detector with integrated DALI-2 application controller controls OLIVIA-2 in up to 16 light groups
  • High-frequency motion detectors optionally integrated into the luminaires serve as input devices
  • The APC only increases the illuminance in any zone where movement is detected
  • Otherwise it dims the lights, e.g. to an economical but still easy to navigate 20 %
  • Control by day of the week and time of day is also possible with APC presence detectors

Presence- and daylight-dependent constant light control

You can configure the entire DALI-2 lighting system, including the high-frequency motion detectors from the OLIVIA-2 series, via the APC presence detector's integrated Bluetooth module – simply by connecting your smartphone!

Find out more about decentralised and cross-room DALI-2 control from ESYLUX!


Energy-efficient switching of warehouse lighting – ON/OFF

Relatively high illuminance levels are required in storage areas for order picking or handling small parts, for example. However, lighting can be switched off in shelf aisles when nobody is present.

Other suitable applications for demand-driven switching of moisture-proof lights include basement corridors and installations rooms, for example!

Example solution for
warehouses with shelves

  • High-frequency motion detectors optionally integrated in ON/OFF luminaires switch each light group in each shelf aisle
  • They only turn the lighting on when someone enters an aisle, and switch it off automatically when they no longer detect any movement
  • OLIVIA-2 luminaires with an emergency lighting function can also be used here

Presence- and daylight-dependent switching

The high-frequency motion detectors in the ON/OFF versions can be parameterised while inside the luminaire housing using the DIP switch.

Easily install OLIVIA-2

Integrated through-wiring

The integrated through-wiring, shown here on a DALI-2 version, saves valuable installation time.

The easy-to-install cable glands provided offer both strain relief and sealing.

Tamper-proof stainless steel clips

Tamper-proof stainless steel clips lock the housing. They cannot be opened with hands alone – only by using a flat-head screwdriver.

Flexible installation

The stainless steel mounting brackets for ceiling mounting are easy to move. Any available mounting screws obtained when replacing old luminaires can simply be re-used.

Optional emergency lighting module

OLIVIA-2 variants with an integrated emergency lighting function simplify planning and installation. They carry out automatic testing and indicate the result via a green status LED.

Discover more benefits and all the technical features of the OLIVIA-2 series, as well as accessories, in the products section of the ESYLUX website – such as hanging brackets for suspended mounting and reinforced mounting brackets for wall mounting!