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lighting is ESY

A synergy of automation and lighting

We are convinced that optimal lighting for humans can only be achieved by combining high light quality and demand-driven, sensor-based light management. ESYLUX therefore combines its lighting with intelligent sensors that create the perfect light atmosphere automatically at all times — and that also switch off the lights and other devices automatically when nobody is present. For better quality of life, economic viability and sustainable energy efficiency at any workstation.

Sensor-controlled light

Combining modern LED lighting and sensor-based control makes it possible to reduce energy costs by over 70%. An investment that quickly pays for itself whilst maintaining a high level of automation convenience for users.

Modern LED technology

Whether in terms of flicker factor or colour consistency, LED lighting from ESYLUX often exceeds the minimum requirements of standards significantly. For example, when it comes to colour rendering

  • we use all 15 CRI test colours, not just the 8 that are required
  • We also use the CQS colour quality scale

Optimising LED lifetime

Demand-driven control is the best and most reliable method for taking advantage of the long service life of LEDs. Using a combination of LED lighting and sensor-based automation is therefore a sustainable investment in the future.

Humans as the focus

Intelligent lighting from ESYLUX automatically adjusts to different situations and times and therefore improves the quality of life at a workstation sustainably. Our solutions for offices, educational institutions and health facilities deliver a comprehensive range of functions for this purpose.

Energy-efficient human centric lighting

The best light for people is natural daylight. SymbiLogic technology from ESYLUX therefore creates interiors with daylight-type lighting to improve vitality, well-being and health at a workstation. At the same time, it provides presence and daylight dependent adaptive HCL light control to ensure high energy efficiency.

Scene control

Depending on the situation, sometimes users want to override automation. For lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control and DALI-2 systems, one way this can be achieved is by using individual scenes that can be called up using a 230-V button.

Swarm function

One method for achieving greater comfort in large offices is by using the swarm function on ELC system lights and DALI-2 solutions: It dims the lights in unoccupied sections of the office, thus preventing the creation of isolated islands of light — which also makes it less straining for eyes. The lights are not switched off until the last person has left the room.

Other examples of ESYLUX intelligent control functions:

  • Presence and daylight dependent constant light control
  • Light closed loop control with offset
  • Time functions
  • Afterglow
  • Orientation light
  • Multi-sensor control of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems
  • Flexible switching of groups
  • Night light
  • Power cut-off of DALI drivers

Human centric lighting
using plug-and-play

System lights with ESYLUX Light Control (ELC) do not just create a perfect synergy of automation and lighting with the combination of presence detectors, ceiling lights, control units and cabling. They also ensure:

  • Easy installation, grouping, scaling and networking using plug-and-play
  • An extensive range of additional functions including SymbiLogic technology
  • Excellent value for money


Mobile project management

The ESY-App does not just enable you to parameterise and configure remotely controlled lighting solutions easily using Bluetooth or ESY-Pen. It also means you always have your own project library to hand, including up to 64 devices per room on up to 64 levels with up to 64 rooms on each level — including a project report that can be exported in PDF format.

Ready-to-use solutions

The light quality and luminance of the CELINE-2 series can be installed using plug-and-play, even outside of ELC system lights. Plug-in accessory driver sets ensure recessed lights can be easily integrated into conventional lighting systems — with Tunable White, where necessary.

Practical integration

ESYLUX lights with integrated sensors make planning and installation work even easier. Our portfolio also includes variants with an additional integrated bus power supply, for example the downlights in the ELSA-2 series.

Intelligently network
outdoor lighting

Safety, orientation and energy-efficient operation are particularly important for outdoor lighting. Robust ALVA bollard lights create an intelligent synergy of automation and lighting that is designed to take these parameters into account. With an integrated DALI motion detector and perfectly integrated bus power supply, they can control a complete lighting group if necessary — and therefore also reduce night-time light pollution.