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Beaming, sparkling or simply shining – light is a fascinating element with countless aspects. The best lighting for people can be created with a demand-driven, sensor-based light management system, with a sensor that automatically provides optimal light ambience and also automatically switches the light off when no one is present. In short: A sensor that provides the highest quality of life and energy efficiency. As an automation specialist, ESYLUX builds on experience and expertise in electronics like no other lighting manufacturer. The results are intelligent lighting solutions that generate the perfect light in office buildings, educational facilities and health institutions. At any time, in any room.

...combined with first-class light quality

The ideal light source for intelligent lighting is the LED. Its energy efficiency and extremely long lifetime aren't the only features that impressive: Because it is electronic, it is also perfect for intelligent control by electronic technology. However, not all LEDs are created equal. Whether its colour rendering, flicker factor or colour consistency – in the ESYLUX light laboratory we thoroughly test the quality of all luminaires.

lighting with a system

Our intelligent lighting systems embody the ideal synergy between light and automation. The combination of ceiling lights, sensor and control unit can be easily installed and creates a perfect interaction that generates the best light for people – with the energy-efficient, biologically effective light of SymbiLogic technology, if required.


Whether aesthetics or function, styling or clever details – in addition to high operating convenience, when it comes to the design of a luminaire, it is important that it can be used flexibly, made for everyday use and, at best, still looks dazzling. Our intelligent lighting solutions demonstrate the benefits of successful design in a variety of ways.

networked intelligence

In addition to business, functioning networks also enhance lighting opportunities and perspectives: They enable perfectly coordinated communication and automation that can be achieved through synchronised processes and even greater energy efficiency. Networking plays an important role at ESYLUX for the ongoing optimisation of the synergy between light and automation.

Demand-driven scene control

Only one thing is easier than manual switching or dimming the lighting with a button or app: calling up entire light scenes at the touch of your finger that completely and individually adjust the lighting to different conditions. The following example of a conference room illustrates how flexibly the rooms can be staged for respective uses: Fitted with the light system of the CELINE Quadro sets divided into two groups with SymbiLogic technology and integrated KNX module, plus round downlights that have been integrated into the system by the DALI switch. Ventilation is controlled by the KNX bus – and like all devices, is automatically switched off at the end of the meeting.

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