SymbiLogic – the ESYLUX technology for 
energy-efficient human-centric lighting

Biologically effective light simulates central characteristics and the dynamic progression of natural daylight to significantly improve quality of life in the workplace. With SymbiLogic, ESYLUX has developed a technology that also implements this modern form of lighting in a highly energy-efficient way using intelligent sensors.

Source: Report "Quantified benefits of Human Centric Lighting" by ZVEI/LightingEurope/A.T. Kearney, April 2015

Natural daylight is the ideal light for humans. The interaction between the sun and the blue sky as well as the changes in brightness and light colour over the course of the day have a far-reaching and enormously positive influence on the human hormonal balance. However, people nowadays hardly get any daylight – they spend most of their time in closed rooms.

Lighting boosts vitality, concentration and health

Biologically effective light, also known as human-centric lighting, solves this problem. It reproduces light that resembles daylight and its dynamic processes indoors with the same positive effects: As in the natural surroundings, a bright, cold white light during the day improves vitality and well-being – a person can also concentrate better and make fewer mistakes. Darker, warm white light such as that of the setting sun on the other hand, helps relaxation and allows a person to calm down. What's more, biologically effective light stabilises a person's day-night-rhythm, meaning they have a better and more refreshing night's sleep.

Human-centric lighting creates lighting that resembles daylight – a light that the modern person sat indoors would otherwise have to do without.

Symbilogic – biologically effective with a maximum of energy efficiency

The SymbiLogic technology from ESYLUX allows for a perfect combination of the best light for people with the advantages of an intelligent control system. It generates biologically effective light with a progression that has been optimised specifically for use in office spaces: In the morning, a dynamic increase of brightness and the proportion of blue light bring about a refreshing activation. Towards the middle of the day both values are briefly reduced to then be strongly increased again – this counteracts the typical afternoon slump. As a result, SymbiLogic helps people to master difficult phases, remain focused and continue performing well. Towards evening, SymbiLogic allows the light to automatically darken and become warm white to gradually attune the human body to the oncoming night. With its innovative control system, SymbiLogic ensures a more refreshing sleep and supports essential regeneration. Perfect for new vitality and long-term health

Not only is SymbiLogic from ESYLUX highly effective, it is also uniquely energy efficient. The key elements are the use of presence detectors and intelligent light management – as found in the PRANA+ Office Floor Light and the light systems of the CELINE and NOVA Quadro sets: The lighting is switched on or off depending on human presence and daylight, achieving the highest level of innovation in its biodynamic brightness levels with its use of daylight. The adaptive constant light control of SymbiLogic applies a proven technological principle to the most modern form of indoor lighting and this automatically helps to save a great deal of energy.

The biologically effective light of SymbiLogic solutions sustainably improves quality of life. This benefits every individual employee – and the entire company because motivation and satisfaction levels in the workplace rise and performance significantly increases. At the same time, human-centric lighting can prevent illness-related absences and help to reduce the risk of accidents.


Rome-bound at the touch of a button

Another special feature of the SymbiLogic technology has a geophysical background: the natural light from the sun changes dynamically throughout the day, varying in colour and brightness in different ways and in different locations around the world – different latitudes result in different light. Thanks to its light programs, SymbiLogic can simulate these special lighting conditions and are based on several global metropolises at different latitudes. You decide where the journey will take you: To 5th Avenue, the Stockholm archipelago or maybe to sunny Italy for a cappuccino?

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