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Improved quality of life and energy efficiency

Faced with the high pace of modern society and the daily flood of new information, an individual is unable to take care of everything themself, nor should they have to. We can help by making their wishes and needs the focus of our technology. Our intelligent sensors immediately detect when changes in the environment require a response and automatically control the room technology. In this way, they create an atmosphere that lets people live and work better and be happier and more productive. The sensors simultaneously ensure highly energy-efficient operation – thereby minimising the use of natural resources.

Our intelligent sensors work like a people's champion. Thanks to their finely tuned senses, they know exactly what is used and when, ensuring a high level of automation convenience. People can take care of the things that are really important while also saving money.

Image: Energy-saving potential of demand-driven building automation (min./max.); Source: Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektroindustrie e.V. (ZVEI)/ Biberach University of Applied Sciences

The saving potential of demand-driven, sensor-based building automation differs depending on the infrastructure and current room utilisation – all things considered, it is still huge. If additional modern, energy-efficient end devices are used, such as economical ESYLUX LED lights, the potential savings are even higher. Regarding LEDs: Only with activation dependent on presence can you take full advantage of their service life and as a result, the investment in a modern light solution.

Simple ease of operation

The requirements for our technology are often complex, not least because of peoples’ individual requirements and wishes. Despite or even because of this complexity, we take a great a deal of care to ensure that our solutions remain easy to use – after all, we can only truly help people if this is the case. In addition, automation for us is never about what must be done, but what can be done. To ensure that no-one feels defeated, our solutions can be easily overridden manually with a button, remote control or by other user-friendly concepts. 

Multi-sensor for optimal indoor climate

Vapours and a lack of oxygen in the room make cause tiredness, reduce concentration and impact mood. Insufficient air quality also affects health. With an intelligent, sensor-based control system from ESYLUX, indoor air can be automatically improved via an air-conditioning and ventilation system – while simultaneously reducing energy consumption to a minimum. The DALI switch provides a simple solution for switching on the ventilation dependent on presence, controlled by the ESYLUX DALI presence detector or the light systems of the CELINE and NOVA Quadro sets. However, the ultimate automation solution for a healthy indoor climate is the ATMO presence detector.

Thanks to its unique multi-sensor elements, the ATMO KNX presence detector ensures not only an optimal level of brightness, but also a healthy and productive ambient climate in the room: At its highest level of configuration, it detects changes in the lighting, temperature, humidity and air quality and controls the corresponding end devices within the KNX system based on its measurements. In addition, an acoustic sensor supports the PIR sensor of the detector with presence detection in highly complex situations. With a total of six sensors in just one device, there is no need for several individual solutions. This shows just how easy it is to accommodate complex requirements using intelligent technology.

The air quality sensors of the PD ATMO record VOCs (volatile organic compounds). They may be anthropogenic vapours from synthetic and building materials, furniture, rugs and cleaning agents or biogenic vapours caused by people and food – an everyday occurrence, particularly in closed spaces. The problem is that at high concentrations, this mix of gases influences mood, causes eye irritation, headaches, tiredness or dizzy spells and reduces performance. They are therefore the single most important reason to ventilate a building. If people are in a room, the proportion of CO2 in the air also increases in parallel with the VOCs. If the PD-ATMO activates the ventilation when a certain VOC value is exceeded, it automatically eliminates the CO2 – a classic bonus effect!

Quality of life and energy efficiency are two sides of the same coin with our intelligent automation and light solutions – the same applies to PD ATMO. Not only does it optimise room light and temperature to improve the well-being of the user, since it only activates the air-conditioning and ventilation system when the air quality requires it, it only uses energy when it is really needed. And even during operation it keeps consumption low by ensuring that the system only works at the intensity that is actually required to optimise the air quality at any given time.

Clever design

When developing automation solutions, countless requirements must be taken into consideration during the design phase. This often depends on the place of use, which sometimes requires a highly elegant or unobtrusive design, and sometimes flexible mounting options. However, one thing is still essential and is our top priority: simple, effortless installation that means our solutions are perfect for the rapid modernisation of office buildings, educational institutions and health facilities.

Cross-component intelligence for any room

Non-residential buildings are often large structures with many different areas, for which our product range offers countless intelligent solutions. If you want to improve the quality of life in buildings, you should put all your skill into areas people stay the longest and visit most frequently. That is why we put the holistic automation of individual rooms at the heart of what we do.

Durable LED control

The LED is perfect for on-demand, electronic control and is unrivalled when it comes to energy efficiency and service life. The high in-rush currents of an LED light present a special challenge and would impact the lifetime guarantee of an automation solution – if there weren't intelligent answers to it.

ESYLUX protects the relay of its presence and motion detector against high in-rush currents with two different concepts: The traditional method is fitting the relay with a tungsten pre-contact. It not only absorbs the in-rush current, it also limits it at the same time. In-rush peaks therefore do not present a risk. A more modern and particularly efficient method is zero-cross switching (see figure above). As the name and image show, the zero-crossing of the sine wave of the AC voltage is calculated for this purpose – since it is exactly at this point that the in-rush current during switching is at a minimum.

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