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Focus products for Q1/2024
Lights off, energy efficiency on. ESY!

Ceiling-mounted presence detectors from ESYLUX for simple ON/OFF

In non-residential buildings where people are likely to stay for a longer time, simple presence- and daylight-dependent lighting control provides considerable savings and makes the best use of the LED service life.

The COMPACT, COMPACT MINI, COMPACT EXPRESS, FLAT, BASIC and BASIC EXPRESS series offer different designs, price levels and special variants for this purpose – as well as continuously field-proven sensor quality!

Presence- and daylight-dependent switching with high energy savings (up to 54 % depending on use)

Switching presence detectors use energy only when it is really needed – depending on daylight levels and whether people are present.

Manual switching without energy savings

Without automation, lights often stay on all day, even though they're not necessary. Sometimes they even stay on all night.

Energy saving potential of demand-driven building automation (min./max.)

Source: Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektroindustrie e.V. (ZVEI)/Biberach University of Applied Sciences

Relieve the strain on your energy budget, reduce CO2 emissions.

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  • Two-piece housing for fast, easy installation (Sensorkopf u. Powerbox)
  • Variants with 8 m, 24 m and 32 m detection range, suitable for different applications
  • Numerous variants for all conventional technologies and interfaces (230 V, 12 – 36 V AC/DC, 1 – 10 V, DALI, DALI-2 or KNX)
COMPACT series
  • Ultra-compact design with diameters of just 25 mm (Ø 6 m detection range) to 58 mm (Ø 12 m detection range)
  • Control of LED luminaires via high-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact in smallest possible format
  • Discreet appearance
  • One-piece housing for easy installation in suspended ceilings
  • Discreet appearance due to flush-mounted installation
  • Protected wiring space with integrated strain relief
  • Stylish design with flat body
  • Small junction box provides a large wiring space in flush-mounted boxes
  • Replaceable covers available in different colours and designs
FLAT series
  • High-quality technology at an entry-level price
  • Quick and easy recessed ceiling mounting
  • Variants with and without remote control
  • Variants with extra-large wiring space or protection type IP54
BASIC series
  • High-quality technology at an entry-level price
  • Fast recessed ceiling mounting without accessories
  • Discreet appearance thanks to installation flush to the ceiling
  • Protection type IP23 for all products in the series