FLAT is ESY because it represents
maximum performance with slim design.


in design

With the FLAT presence and motion detectors, there is finally something to shout about when it comes to room aesthetics: Thanks to its slim design and clear, linear form, they integrate harmoniously into any room structure.



The low overall height of the power box results in an installation depth of only 30 mm for the detectors, leaving enough space for quick and simple wiring.


In perfect

The FLAT detectors not only intelligently control the lighting, they also show the aesthetics of the room in the proper light, particularly when combined with the stylish ELSA-2 downlights from ESYLUX.



If you are searching for a first-class range of designs, you will always find the perfect variety with the ultra-flat FLAT detectors: available in white and black, and in a choice of round or square contours.


Powerful detection

Despite its flat lens, the FLAT series also demonstrates high output in detection: The average range of the passive infrared sensor system is more than 8 m with a detection angle of 360° at an installation height of 2.5 to 3 m. This means that a large workspace with a variety of different movement processes can be covered by a single detector. Several detectors can be easily connected in parallel for an even greater range thanks to push terminals with a through-wiring function, even in master-slave mode.

A = Diagonal up to Ø 8 m
B = Head-on passage area up to Ø 6 m
C = Operating area up to Ø 4 m


For use on exposed concrete, the covers are available as accessories in concrete grey or, for even greater design freedom, with a high-quality glass surface.

Highly versatile
installation options

The round FLAT detectors in white are also available as FLAT LARGE (104 mm Ø) for larger recessed boxes. The matching C IP 20 surface-mounted box offers an additional assembly option, and the FLAT MOUNTING SET IP20 FM makes installation easier for all variants!

Connect. Save.

Time-saving solutions are becoming increasingly important for electricians, especially in times of high demand and a lack of skilled workers. This is why the FLAT series also includes presence and motion detectors with WINSTA pluggable connections from WAGO — for greater energy efficiency via plug-and-play and installation that is both safe and trouble free.

Simple with DALI

The DALI industry standard represents simple planning and installation and ensures optimal control and dimming, particularly for LED lighting. Its subsequent development into DALI-2 now also guarantees interoperability of devices from different manufacturers, meaning that project managers can put together a solution made up of best-in-class devices.


Broadcast light control with DALI presence detectors and DALI actuator

The FLAT series offers presence detectors with a simple broadcast mode without addressing, and with a field of detection that can be expanded at any time through master-slave combinations. As an addition, the DALI actuator from ESYLUX enables switching of conventional consumers, such as ventilation!

1 Master DALI presence detector (broadcast)
2 Slave DALI presence detector configured as slave
3 DALI luminaire
4 Luminaire switched
5 DALI power supply
6 DALI actuator
7 Push button

Control individual groups with DALI-2 presence detectors

ESYLUX has developed the BMS presence detectors for DALI-2 for building management systems: With motion sensor system, light sensor system and push button input, the most important input devices are combined in a single housing!

2 CELINE PNL 625 DDP TR 4100 840 IP20 DALI
3 Button

Your advantages at a glance

  • Also available as a set including DALI bus voltage supply (e.g. PD-FLAT 360i/8 ROUND WHITE DALI SET)
  • DALI broadcast for simple activation, independent configuration of electronic ballasts
  • Field of detection can be extended using master-slave communication
  • HVAC control with DALI actuator from ESYLUX
  • Input for conventional push buttons
  • BMS presence detector for DALI-2 for use in building management systems

Durable with 230 V

Around the world, LEDs are increasingly becoming the most popular illuminant, and presence and motion detectors make optimal use of their long service life through demand-based switching. To protect the relay from the high in-rush currents from the LEDs and thus ensure their own durability, all 230-V variants of the FLAT series use protective zero-cross switching.


Plug-and-play installation

The FLAT variants with WINSTA connection from WAGO offer particularly fast and safe installation: The ready-to-use connections provide a simple plug-and-play solution — saving time and money, and not just in times of high demand and a lack of skilled workers.

1 230-V power supply; option 1
2 230-V power supply; option 2
5 CELINE PNL 625 DDP OP 3500 840 IP20 ELC

Variable with KNX

KNX is known for offering a host of control options, so it is no surprise that KNX designs in the FLAT series also offer extensive configuration options. No fewer than 47 communication objects are available for this, enabling features such as daylight-dependent constant lighting control even without a detected presence, as well as a night-light feature with a choice of seven different colours.


Two light channels with efficient offset

Particularly in rooms with only one bank of windows, users also benefit from lighting control with two broadcast channels: An offset between two channels enables the lights close to the window to dim even if 100% illuminance is still required in the area of the room furthest from the window. This creates optimal lighting conditions while improving energy efficiency.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Extensive individual configuration options for 47 communication objects
  • Constant lighting control can also be non-presence-dependent
  • Detector can be configured as a master or slave
  • Two orientation light levels
  • Night-light feature with seven colours
  • Separate presence detection to the KNX system

Efficient automation
reduces costs

The FLAT detectors not only save height, they also reduce costs because they only use light where someone is actually present, which significantly reduces energy consumption. The one-part detectors also guarantee simple installation and the durable quality makes the automation solution maintenance-free.