Outstanding price/
performance ratio

ELC system solutions deliver improved  quality of life at low costs: Intelligent  lighting and sustainable  energy efficiency are combined in a single package at an extremely favourable price. The investment will quickly pay off.



With our new ESYLUX Light Control ELC control technology, intelligent inside lighting is much simpler and human centric lighting becomes affordable.


  • Features SymbiLogic for energy-efficient biologically effective light
  • Can be used right away thanks to simple plug-and-play installation
  • Best work lighting with low overall costs
  • Pre-configured, pre-finished sets or customisable solutions
  • Simple, error-free grouping via plug connection
  • Convenient control via button or app

Solutions from a
single source

ESYLUX Light Control delivers simple room solutions complete with ceiling lights, sensor systems and a control unit – providing optimum light quality and energy efficiency at the best price.


Human centric

The ELC solutions with integrated SymbiLogic technology  combine the best lighting for people with the benefits  of intelligent control. The biologically effective light imitates the dynamic progression of natural daylight, which increases wellbeing and performance –  all achieved in a highly energy-efficient manner thanks to presence and daylight dependent adaptive HCL light control.


The best price/performance ratio
for every room solution

In office buildings, educational institutions and  health facilities, financial considerations must be factored in alongside the need for optimum light quality. This means that optimum lighting solutions must also meet the budget and  project plans. ESYLUX Light Control provides the best work lighting, delivering enhanced quality of life with  particularly low investment costs. The systems are completely pre-finished and use lights from the  CELINE or NOVA series as well as presence detectors from the COMPACT series and the intelligent ELC control unit SMARTDRIVER.  They are available in two versions, with either SymbiLogic or constant light colour.

Best light and maximum efficiency

Total price with SymbiLogic (light colour: Tunable White)

including lights, presence detectors and control system
excluding installation costs

FROM 50 €/m2

Demand-driven constant lighting control

Total price, fixed light colour (3000 + 4000 K)

including lights, presence detectors and control system
excluding installation costs

FROM 35 €/m2

ELC system solutions with SymbiLogic are particularly suited to areas such as open-plan offices and patient rooms. These are areas in which people spend a lot of time and can benefit from the effects of biologically effective light. The constant light colour version is recommended for areas that are occupied for only brief periods, such as corridors, entrance areas  and staircases. With both options, an intelligent sensor system ensures that the lighting is presence and daylight dependent, providing maximum energy efficiency. ESYLUX Light Control offers the best use of  daylight at an unrivalled low price per square metre.

in a new dimension

It has never been so quick and easy to commission a modern lighting system: The SMARTDRIVER of the ESYLUX Light  Control system contains the power supply for all lights  and for the sensor system. Connection takes place through  plug-and-play and the system can be used right away with no knowledge of programming required, even in complex room situations. ELC solutions are available for offices, classrooms  and patient rooms as pre-configured sets, and customised configuration is also possible.


Pre-configured, pre-finished set solutions

ESYLUX Light Control is available in various practical set solutions in line with demand, helping to deliver outstanding light quality and energy efficiency while also maximising the benefit for the user: The completely pre-finished ELC lighting systems are optimised for different room sizes and for the specific requirements in office buildings, classrooms and patient rooms. Thanks to the simple plug-and-play installation for the  pre-configured components, using the cables included in the delivery, the set solutions can be put into operation right away  without any need for programming. The system therefore offers the best, and fastest, route to intelligent lighting.


The easy way to make an office more liveable: The sets for standard offices up to approximately 20 m2 in size feature CELINE lights, presence detectors, SmartDriver and plug-and-play system cabling and are ready to use immediately.



The easy way to optimise the learning environment: The sets for standard classrooms up to approximately 60 m2 in size include lights, a sensor system and a controller, plus a special boardlight, DALI switch and DALI push button.



The simple way to support the healing process: The sets for twin-bed patient rooms up to approximately 30 m2 in size include additional components in the form of ELSA downlights and the DALI push button to select customised light scenes.



ESYLUX Light Control is proof that energy-efficient modernisation work can also be cost-effective and time-saving. The ELC lighting systems comprising lights, presence detectors and the innovative ELC control unit SMARTDRIVER can be installed via a simple plug-and-play process and used immediately with no programming required – they are ideal for rapid modernisation during ongoing operation.


Alternative: Customised configuration in 7 steps

ESYLUX is designed specifically to make solutions as simple and time-saving as possible, even at the planning stage, and to provide maximum flexibility once installed. As such, ESYLUX Light Control gives you a choice of pre-configured, pre-finished set solutions for offices, classrooms and patient rooms, as well as a convenient option to set up your own customised solution. In just seven steps, you can set up a customised ELC system for any application, any room size and any budget. All you need is the following system components: lights, control unit and sensor system, plus any supplementary devices you require.

You can set up your customised ESYLUX Light Control configuration in just seven simple steps. Select your individual components and accessories in this order:

  1. Light design for the main lighting
  2. Light type
  3. Number of lights
  4. Controls
  5. Sensor
  6. Cable
  7. Accessories

Rapid grouping via plug-and-play

ESYLUX Light Control gives you maximum freedom to design a customised configuration, as the lights, sensor systems and control units can be scaled for any room size. Depending on the specific model, between two and four separate light channels are available, and groups created for separate room zones are easily networked using an ELC bus.

With the ELC solutions, energy-efficient human centric lighting is easily integrated into KNX systems: The seamless process uses an optional KNX module built into the SMARTDRIVER, and no separate gateway is required. The system is operational right away; the controller can be addressed for centralised control at a later  point, when any individual adjustments can also be made.

Centralised manual control is always possible, as is the selection of individual scenes. In addition, it is possible to incorporate HVAC devices or supplementary lighting and control them in line with demand. Universal automation of grouped system units also works if individual SMARTDRIVERs are connected to different phases or networks.

Convenient operation

As with all ESYLUX solutions, the impressive  automation can be easily overridden manually or digitally at any time. Switching on and off, changing the brightness and light colour or setting a pre-selected light scene – all this can be achieved using a simple 230-V button. Alternatively, the ELC button from ESYLUX with its easy-to-understand symbols or the ESYLUX Light  Control app for control via your smartphone offer optimum operating convenience. The innovative ESY-Pen is an all-rounder that not only controls the lighting but can also activate the lighting, take precise brightness measurements and manage projects.