The installation
The ESY-Pen


The ESY-Pen is the new multi-function device for simple commissioning, remote control, light measurement and project management for all presence detectors, motion detectors and lighting systems from ESYLUX. 


Commissioner &
remote controller

The ESY-Pen is the simple way to commission your system via Bluetooth and an app. It also doubles as a convenient remote controller for dimming, switching or changing light colours and scenes.


Light measurer &
project manager

With its integrated light sensor, the ESY-Pen delivers accurate light measurement and control. And when combined with the ESY-App, it enables project management on the move.


Intelligent synergy

ESYLUX automation and lighting solutions create intelligent synergies for enhanced quality of life and energy efficiency. The ESY-Pen is not only the successor to universal remote operation – it is a real all-rounder and remains true to the ESY principle of intelligent synergy, right down to easy operation! 


Future-proof commissioning

The ESY-Pen's bridge function supports bidirectional communication between mobile end devices and ESYLUX presence detectors or lighting systems using Bluetooth and infrared technology. This capability enables the simple, convenient configuration and commissioning of installed systems using the ESY-App*. The silicone tip makes the ESY-Pen ideal for use as a stylus in conjunction with touchscreen surfaces on smartphones and tablets. The ESY-Pen equips you to handle all current and future ESYLUX installations, and all with no physical interfaces.

* Imperative for new devices from 2019


The ESY-Pen is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems and is also backwards-compatible with all available ESYLUX presence and motion detectors (unidirectional communication).

Convenient lighting
remote control

When used as a table device with the charger, the ESY-Pen functions as a simple remote control for individual adjustment of the lighting. Regardless of the type of detector being controlled, the pen can be used to switch the lighting on or off, dim the lighting or set a stored scene at the touch of a button. And in ELC lighting systems with biologically effective light, the pen can also be used to change the light colour. 


Light measurement in any situation

As specialists in sensor technology we have, of course, also equipped the ESY-Pen with a sensor – for simple installation and the best light for end users:

1. The integrated light sensor makes it easy to set the light value for switch operation or constant lighting control. A separate lux meter is not required – just the ESY-Pen for configuring the devices.

2. As an external light encoder at work level, the sensor enables precise measurement of the light value where it is crucial for visual tasks. This means we can ensure the best possible light qualityin the workplace for end users.

The ESY-Pen includes:

  1. A charger which, in addition to the charging function, ensures that the sensor performs continuous light measurement at working height
  2. The ESY-Pen itself, which is easy to operate via three buttons

Mobile project management

Saving. Managing. Documenting. The ESY-Pen and the ESY-App make a mobile project library a reality. Together, they make it possible to save, access and transfer configured projects:

  • Characterise each building by the project name, project number, contact person, time stamp and location
  • Create various floors within a project, each with up to 64 rooms
  • Within the ESY-App, get to the room of your choice in just a few clicks and quickly retrieve, select and configure ESYLUX products
  • Store configured projects in the ESY-App or forward them on to other users
  • Access configurations that have already been carried out and transfer them to products of the same type (cloning)
  • Integrate the project documentation into a project report and send the report as a PDF document or print it off as required