COMPACT is ESY, because
flexible light control
needs innovations


The presence and motion detectors in the Compact series have a strong reputation among our range of sensors as traditional favourites and true all-rounders.


COMPACT series

Gain a quick overview of all products in the COMPACT series and their most important functions.

  • Ceiling detectors: 360° detection range, range of Ø 8,  Ø 24 or Ø 32 metres
  • Wall-mounted detectors: 180° detection range, range of Ø 16 metres
  • 230 V, KNX, DALI, DALI-2 and Universal Current (12–36 V)
  • Surface mounting, recessed mounting or ceiling flush mounting
  • Switching, dimming and HVAC
  • Option of further functions such as acoustic sensor or touch function

Every application
Every technology

The COMPACT series offers a wide variety of options for different applications and features impressive innovative concepts.



What is commonplace in smartphones and tablets has now also reached the key area of demand-driven building automation – with the PD-C/MD-C 180i/16 TOUCH wall-mounted presence and motion detectors from ESYLUX. Their touch-sensitive lens surface allows convenient control of numerous functions – thereby replacing light switches or KNX touch sensors.


Compatible with
brand switches

Wall-mounted sensors in the Compactseries  are compatible with all conventional brand switches

Touch control with two touch types

The touch detectors react to two types of touch: short and longer. Which function can be controlled with the different touch types depends on the relevant detector type. With the 230-V versions, you can switch the lighting with a brief touch, or select multiple program presets following a longer touch. You can deactivate this second touch option via remote control if required.

The options available with the KNX variants are particularly extensive. Both touch types can be freely assigned with various KNX communication objects. For example, the touch function can be used for dimming, controlling a blind or selecting entire scenes!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Touch-sensitive lens surface
  • Replaces light switches or KNX buttons
  • Enables lighting to be switched or dimmed
  • Controlling communication objects with KNX variants
  • Extension of the detection range via: 230 V: parallel switching KNX: master-slave combinations
  • Demand-driven switching of HVAC
  • Integrated acoustic sensor with adjustable sensitivity
  • Compatible with brand switches


For 230 V

The award-winning COMPACT series DuoDIMplus presence detectors enable a complete room solution for demand-driven automation in the 230 V range. Based on their light measurement, they ensure daylight-dependent constant lighting control of two individually controlled rows of lights.



The PD-C360i/24 DuoDIMplus is available for both recessed mounting (FM version) and surface mounting (SM version)

Example of application in a classroom
The PD-C360i/24 DuoDIMplus activates both rows of lights only when people are present, and then controls them individually according to the available daylight. An additional output is available for the semi-automatic or fully automatic switching of additional devices.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Presence- and daylight-dependent constant lighting control
  • Individual control of two rows of lights
  • Presence-dependent control of an additional channel (lighting or HVAC)
  • Three button inputs for manual control
  • Temporary override via remote control
  • Ready for use immediately: with factory setting
  • Installation types: surface mounting and recessed mounting
  • Low energy consumption


systemsensor technology

Our lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control (ELC) combine the best light with the simplest installation and operation concept – whatever your budget! Ceiling lights and control units, as well as the PD-C 360i/8 and /24 ELC presence detectors, are connected to one another as system components using plug-and-play, and can be grouped for different room zones.



The SymbiLogic technology from ESYLUX allows for a perfect combination of the best light for people with the advantages of an intelligent control system. It generates biologically effective light in a particularly energy-efficient way, thanks to the sensor technology.



When in operation, the ELC system solutions create optimal work light: Thanks to the energy-efficient human-centric lighting (HCL) of the SymbiLogic technology, these solutions promote lasting vitality, well-being, the ability to concentrate and a restful night's sleep. With automatic presence- and daylight-dependent switching and the adaptive HCL light control of SymbiLogic, energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

2 PD-C360i/24 ELC
3 Push Button 8x DALI TW
4 CELINE 600 30 W TW Crystal ELC Satellite

Your advantages at a glance

  • Intelligent sensor system for lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control ELC
  • Presence- and daylight-dependent adaptive HCL light control
  • System integration via plug-and-play
  • With ranges for all applications


Simple, efficient
energy savings

A presence detector significantly improves the energy efficiency of buildings. Lighting and other devices only become active when there is a person present. The detector also switches off the artificial lighting when its light measurement sensor detects that the daylight in the room has reached an adequate level. A presence detector with constant lighting control offers yet more energy efficiency. It adjusts the artificial light so that, combined with the available daylight, a certain target value is achieved. This is the best possible use of daylight.