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Compact is ESY
because flexible lighting control needs innovations



The presence and motion detectors in the COMPACT series have successfully built themselves a reputation among our range of sensors as traditional favourites and true all-rounders.


  • DALI-2: Presence detectors for Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Ranges up to 32 m: presence and motion detectors for corridors and warehouses 
  • Plug-and-play: DUO-DALI presence detectors with WAGO-WINSTA® connection

Every application
Every technology

The COMPACT series offers a wide range of versions for different applications and features impressive and innovative concepts.

COMPACT series

Find a quick overview of all products in the COMPACT series and their most important functions.

Uniform design
for all applications

The presence and motion detectors from the COMPACT series offer two ceiling-mounted housing variants with different lens sizes. With sensing ranges with a diameter of 8 m, 24 m and even 32 m, there is a detector for every application plus they are the ideal solution for either recessed or surface mounting.


DALI-2 takes you to the future

DALI-2 has paved the way to a secure future for the standard. In addition to improved functionality, DALI-2 allows ensures interoperability between devices from different manufacturers.

DALI-2 presence detectors from ESYLUX are the number one choice for control. These detectors increase quality of life and energy efficiency in any workplace, offer the largest variety of functions in a compact design and enable easy configuration via the ESY app!



Intelligent and powerful

Benefits of multi-room decentralised DALI-2 control from ESYLUX:

  • Lower system costs as a cost-effective BMS presence detector can be easily integrated
  • No switch cabinet components or need to modify the switch cabinet components
  • Easy commissioning and configuration via smartphone (no need for a tablet, PC or special software)
  • Adapt to changing room situations without any additional hardware thanks to flexible group switching
  • Up to 90% faster documentation as all project settings are automatically saved via the app

Overview of ESYLUX DALI solutions

Find the right DALI or DALI-2 solution to suit your applications


APC presence detectors for DALI-2

button function

What is commonplace in smartphones and tablets has now also reached the key area of demand-driven building automation — with the PD-C/MD-C 180i/16 TOUCH wall-mounted presence and motion detectors from ESYLUX. The touch-sensitive lens surface allows convenient control of numerous functions — thereby replacing light switches or KNX touch sensors!


The touch detectors react to two types of touch: short and longer. Both types of touch can be assigned to various KNX communication objects as required. The touch function can therefore be used not only to switch lights on or off or for dimming, but also for applications such as controlling a blind or selecting entire scenes!

Touch control with two touch types

Your advantages at a glance

  • Presence and daylight dependent constant light control
  • Presence-dependent switching of HVAC
  • Touch-sensitive lens surface
  • Replaces KNX button for manual switching or dimming
  • Numerous other communication tools controllable by touch
  • Field of detection can be extended using master-slave combinations
  • Integrated acoustic sensor with adjustable sensitivity
  • Compatible with brand-name switches

Multi-channel solution

DUO DALI presence detectors in the COMPACT series offer simple solutions for intelligent lighting control of conference rooms, classrooms and open-plan offices via DALI Broadcast. The detectors feature two integrated DALI secondary power supplies, which provide enough energy to power two sets of 25 DALI lights. Two inputs for conventional 230-V switches enable the lighting to be overridden manually (ON/OFF, dimming).


Two light channels plus an additional channel

DUO DALI presence detectors provide optimal lighting conditions and control the lighting for two room zones. The lighting in the individual room zones is differentiated by offsets. Furthermore, DALI actuators can be added which can switch on additional lighting (e.g. panel light) or ventilation (HVAC) systems dependent on presence.

Example of application in a classroom
The PD-C 360i/24 DUO DALI switches on the lighting only when a human presence has been detected and adjusts the brightness in two channels according to the ambient lighting. Optional switch actuators can be used to control additional consumers (screens, interactive boards, accent lighting, HVAC etc.)

Your advantages at a glance

  • Presence and daylight dependent constant light control
  • Individual control of two rows of lights
  • Control of up to two additional channels (BA, HVAC etc.) with DALI ACTUATOR possible (must be ordered separately)
  • Two push button inputs for manual control
  • Temporary override by remote control
  • Ready for use immediately: with factory settings
  • Installation: Surface mounting and recessed mounting
  • Low energy consumption


Presence detectors with an elliptical and far-reaching field of detection are ideal for mounting on ceilings in corridors or in the aisles of high-bay warehouses — not least because they reduce the number of devices required.


Long range

The PD-C/MD-C 360i/32 Corridor and PD-C/MD-C 360i/32 Warehouse presence and motion detectors from ESYLUX offer the ideal solution. Thanks to this extensive range of up to 32 m in diameter, a single detector can be used to cover long corridors and aisles and switch the lighting on and off depending on presence, movement or daylight. In areas that require an even greater range, up to eight devices can be connected via parallel wiring!

Example application in a high-bay warehouse
The Warehouse motion detector from the COMPACT series allows devices to be efficiently deployed in the warehouse aisles.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Large field of detection for high-bay warehouses and corridors
  • The detection range can be easily extended by connecting
  • up to eight slave devices
  • Durable, dust-insensitive housing design
  • Including warehouse factory settings (immediately ready for use)
  • Remotely controlled up to a height of 10 m

Connect. Save. Done.

Time-saving solutions are becoming increasingly important for electricians, especially in times of high demand and a lack of skilled workers. This is why the COMPACT series also includes presence and motion detectors with WINSTA pluggable connections from WAGO — for greater energy efficiency via plug-and-play and installation that is both safe and trouble free.


Energy efficiency via plug-and-play

The full potential of DUO DALI presence detectors with WINSTA connection can be seen in larger rooms that only have windows on one side. Thanks to an additional offset light channel, lights both close to and away from the window can be adjusted to better suit the different lighting conditions. A DALI actuator from ESYLUX also allows ventilation systems and panel lighting to be connected to the system and switched on and off depending on whether human presence can be detected.

Suggested planning with DUO DALI presence detectors
ESYLUX Driver Sets allow CELINE ceiling lights and DUO DALI presence detectors to be easily combined via plug-and-play.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Simple and safe plug-and-play installation
  • Reduced errors thanks to mechanical and colour coding
  • Can also be installed by untrained individuals
  • Very flexible conversion
  • Tried-and-tested ESYLUX high-quality sensor technology
Presence and motion detectors with WAGO-WINSTA® connections.

Smart system sensor technology
with ESYLUX Light Control (ELC)

Our light systems with ESYLUX Light Control (ELC) combine top-quality lighting with extremely simple installation and operation — whatever your budget! Ceiling lights and control units, as well as the PD-C 360i/8 and /24 ELC presence detectors, are connected to one another as system components using plug-and-play and can be grouped into different room zones.



SymbiLogic technology from ESYLUX combines human centric lighting with the advantages of an intelligent control system. Its energy-efficient human centric lighting improves quality of life and reduces energy consumption.


Energy-efficient human centric lighting
via plug-and-play

When in operation, the ELC system solutions create optimal work light. Thanks to the energy-efficient human centric lighting (HCL) of the SymbiLogic technology, they promote lasting vitality, well-being, the ability to concentrate and a restful night’s sleep. With automatic presence and daylight dependent switching and adaptive SymbiLogic HCL light control, energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

1 ELC SMARTDRIVER Tunable White x6
2 PD-C360i/24 ELC
3 Push Button 8x DALI Tunable White

Your advantages at a glance

  • Intelligent sensor system for lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control ELC
  • Presence- and daylight-dependent adaptive HCL light control
  • System integration via plug-and-play
  • With ranges for all applications

ELC lighting systems:

  • Automated lighting solutions with plug-and-play installation
  • Ready for use immediately, with no programming required
  • Energy-efficient human centric lighting
  • Freely configurable or as a pre-finished set
  • Simple, error-free grouping via plug connection
  • For room-by-room modernisation in day-to-day operation

Simple, efficient
energy savings

Presence detectors significantly increase the energy efficiency of a building because they ensure that lighting systems and other devices are activated only when someone is present. Furthermore, the detectors automatically switch off the artificial light source if their calculations show that the incoming natural light alone is sufficient. A presence detector with constant lighting control is an even more energy-efficient solution. It adjusts the artificial light so that, combined with the available natural light, the prescribed amount of light is achieved. This is the best possible use of daylight.